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Comment with the most likes

is the winner of #CommentChallenge

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Your Instagram comment can now be traded as NFT

Only if you win #CommentChallenge of

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4 Types of Comment Challenge NFTs:

Anyone who ever held:

Epic, Rare or legendary

comment challenge NFT once

will be airdropped only one common NFT called: Jigar NFT

Common NFTs

NFTs granted on news posts to winner comment.

No product promised

Rare NFTs

NFTs granted on product promotion with free Product giveaway to winner

Epic NFTs

Legendary NFTs

Paid NFT to become a DAO member and co-create comment challenge

rare NFT

Comment challenge posts news of wide arrays of topics from politics to tech news. Every news challenge expires on Sunday 23:59 UTC. The comment with the most likes will be approached on Instagram direct message for crypto address. Comment NFT is minted by commentchallenge.nft and airdropped to the address provided.

Royalties of Rare NFT:

6% Comment creator

3% Comment Challenge DAO

1% Community Marketplace

Currently only top winner comment is granted Rare NFT

epic NFT

Comment Challenge hosts brands that support our cause of decentralization with promotion of their products. Comment Challenge posts these promotional videos on its Instagram channel. Comment with the most likes is the winner. Number of winners will depend the on number of giveaways hosted by the brands. After verification of fake likes, winners will be contacted on Instagram direct message for their shipping address and their crypto wallet address. Epic NFT has a QR code of tracking number on it. The free giveaway product tracking number doesn’t reveal the complete address but only reveals the country of the winner.

Every product challenge expires on 1st of every month 00:00 UTC. Winner Comment NFT is minted by commentchallenge.nft and airdropped to the address provided.

Royalties of Epic NFTs:

3% Comment creator

3% Brand owner

3% Comment challenge DAO

1%Community Marketplace fee

legendary NFT

Comment challenge empowers the 81 people to administer the comment challenge DAO Decentralized Autonomous Organization. 80 Legendary NFT holders will own 1% share in DAO each and founders NFT holds 20% share in DAO. All the 81 holders have 1 vote in power each including the Founders NFT. Minimum bid is 10,000 $MATIC.

Legendary NFT bid will end on: 30th June 2023.

Royalties of Legendary NFT:

9% Founders

1% Community Marketplace fee.

common NFT

Whenever a crypto wallet gets any of the Rare, Epic or Legendary NFT that address will be airdropped a Common NFT called JIGAR NFT. JIGAR NFT is airdropped only once, so if anyone trades multiple CC NFTs, that address will get only one JIGAR NFT at the first time only. JIGAR is a close buddy in Urdu/Hindi language. Founders will mint 20 common NFTs for their JIGARS. JIGAR NFTs are meant to trade more often, so it has only 1% royalty of community marketplace fee.


Comment with the most likes within the stated time is the winner

Rare NFT challenge expires every Sunday 23:59 UTC. Epic challenge expires 1st of every Month 00:00 UTC

everyone has the power to comment

be creative

Open market will judge the value of the comment.

earn the giveaways

the decentralized way

Comment Challenge decentralize the Ad industry by free giveaways to winners comments.

why pay for adds

when you can empower the community

The advertisement industry is changing and early adapters will be one step ahead in the market.

bye bye copycats

anyone can verify if NFT is created by commentchallenge.nft or not- Its Blockchain

CommentChallenge.Nft ensure the free giveaways by charging brands with the security amount equivalent to the giveaways (along with the standard fee)

polygon cryptocurrency

powered by

polygon and

rarible community Marketplace

Polygon is one of the most environmentally friendly crypto And Rarible is one of the well decentralized NFT platform

where can i trade my comment NFT?

Rarible community Marketplace

We have dedicated community marketplace built on Rarible that enforces the royalties.

want more traction?

brands can giveaway to top 100 comments or even more…

Giveaways are not limited to top comments only, it’s upto the brand how much giveaways it can host. More giveaways - More views - More comments - More love ❤️

Lets build

“the free market”


“Co-creation” merges great ideas into reality.

81 legendary nfts =

81 total votes

80 legendary NFT holders get 1% share of DAO each.

The founders legendary NFT holds 20% share of DAO


paves the

path for


Simple 51% majority votes will pass the DAO resolution/ proposal.

annual gazette

publishes all the proposals, iterations,

perfomance of contributors

each and every data point.

Annual Gazette is like a digital ledger that records each and every activity of DAO and analyze the performance and optimize the system year over year.

dao basics…

members upload




then funds move

Governance logic: DAO treasury is administrative budget that can issue/grant funds for execution of proposals after ratification of votes.

why polygon ID for DAO?

to make sure every legendary holder is a unique person

“Zero Knowledge proof” is the final piece of the web 3 puzzle which went live on 27 March 2023.

Initial capital of DAO?

80% of legendary NFT sales

Founders will get 20% of raised capital and 80% will be vested by DAO into building the platform.

don’t fomo

the bid will end on june 30th 2023

Early bids may get legendary NFTs at lower price

There are no whitelists.

polygon id

DAo will decide…

dao platforms

coin launch date


DAO will decide what platforms to use for operations of Comment Challenge. DAO will decide all the dates for any event or announcement and DAO will decide how tokenomics are distributed.

a little about our logo

the unicorn 🦄 is hand drawn by the founder @shagypro

On iPadPro without any Apple Pencil


Get it on

Google Play


Get it on the

App Store

easy web3 onboarding

All you need is a metamask wallet address

Shipping address is only required for free giveaways winners. Polygon ID is required at formation of DAO. And of course Insagram account for comment.

the “Aha”moment

of the marketing puzzle

Our unique solution empowers the community instead of centralized Ad platforms. What a time to be alive ❕

1% marketplace fee

goes to climate cause

chosen by DAO

To make this world a better place.

three types of irl events

1.Free for all

2.jigars only

3.legends only

Comment Challenge believes in diversity and Inclusion and hosts Free for All events along with NFT gated events.

First nft gated meet up in


for legends only

When? You guessed it

It will be decided by the comment challenge DAO


our mantra:


is the


Comment challenge spread love by bringing smiles on faces of people with diverse entertaining comments that are loved ❤️ by the most people.


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Commentchallenge believes in diversity and inclusion.

We welcome people of all colors, genders, and beliefs.